18 Safety Slogans That Rhyme – Make Your Safety Training Stick

As a safety leader, you may often find yourself struggling to engage your team when it comes to daily toolbox talks or even monthly safety messages. The problem is most often the lack of time — you are probably too busy to create something that’s exciting, memorable, and short. And, while free resources like our funny safety moment ideas and 100+ short workplace safety topics can save you a lot of work, sometimes you just need a one-sentence memorable message. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is to create short and snappy catchphrases (slogans) that will stick in people’s minds all day. They help promote safety and improve your safety culture, reminding, as the saying goes, that safety is a full-time job and not a part-time practice. 

The most memorable safety phrases are the ones that rhyme. Studies show that rhyming is not only an important technique to help us remember, but that we also tend to remember things for a longer period when they rhyme.

So, let’s take a look at some catchy safety slogans for use in the workplace. 

What is a safety slogan?

According to Merriam-Webster, a slogan is “a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion”. In this case, what we’re promoting is safety. 

Sharing and coming up with safety slogans that rhyme can be a really quick way to enhance recall. These tidbits of safety wisdom are an effective way to get your safety messages across without the need for hefty PowerPoint presentations or classroom training sessions. 

Even when your employees don’t mean to, they may find themselves looking at a ladder and recalling a related safety slogan. And it’s this instinctive recall that can keep them safe if they adjust their behavior. From keeping the work area tidy to safe driving and road safety, you can employ slogans in just about any situation. 

Workplace safety slogans and messages that rhyme

Below, we’ve compiled 18 of the best workplace safety slogans and messages that rhyme. Feel free to adopt the ones that work for you, or to tweak them slightly to make them fit!

“Pull in your head when low beams are near, or your head could be forced into your rear”
While tongue-in-cheek, this slogan is ideal for scaffolders and anyone who works in older houses or buildings with low beams.
“No safety, know pain”
Unfortunately, accidents in the workplace are often painful. This one is four words, easy to remember, and is a clever play on words!
“Those precious fingers don’t ignore – or they could end up on the floor”
Workplace incidents including fingers and hands are common. So, this is particularly important for anyone using machinery and heavy tools.
“If you’re not safety conscious, you’ll end up unconscious”
While it sounds extreme, it’s true! Workplace accidents could lead to workers being knocked out.
“Those who work the safest way, live to see another day”
This is an easy slogan to remember that reminds workers of the harsh realities of not following safety instructions.
“Keep safety in mind, it’ll save your behind”
Another easy one to remember, and a bit of a silly one! It’s a great reminder to drive regular safety habits.
“A spill, a slip, a hospital trip”
This one is great because, if you say it a few times, your colleagues will be reminded of this whenever they see a spill and will be inclined to clean it up.
“If you mess up, ‘fess up”
A very simple slogan highlighting the importance of honesty and accountability.
“Take five and stay alive”
It’s important to encourage your staff to take breaks because fatigue is also a safety risk. This one is particularly nice to use in a break room or restroom.
“Quench the thirst, safety first”
On a similar note, it’s important that everyone stays hydrated. This catchy slogan reminds your colleagues of the safety-related importance of drinking water regularly.
“Stay alert, don’t get hurt”
This is widely applicable, which makes it useful in a variety of situations. No one wants to be injured in the workplace, so being reminded to stay alert to avoid accidents is always helpful.
“Chance takers are accident makers”
This one may come up when someone is thinking about taking a risk or a shortcut. Great for reminding an unsafe friend of the consequences of their actions.
“The safe way is the best way”
An easy-to-remember daily reminder for your staff.
“If you lift with your back, you’ll hear it crack”
Another great one to avoid injury that is applicable to many sectors. It’s catchy and memorable, and succinctly explains the consequence. Printed on a poster, flyer, or in a presentation, it can be a good addition to your manufacturing safety talks.
“Expect the unexpected, always be protected”
It’s easy for staff to get complacent when they do the same job each day, but this slogan can encourage them to wear PPE and take all the relevant precautions every time. This can include such items as safety glasses, safety shoes or other safety gear.
“Be a fool, use an improper tool”
While we certainly don’t want to encourage people to be a fool(!), no one wants to be thought of as one. So, this slogan should encourage workers to think twice before using the wrong tools.
“To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean”
Another good one to encourage colleagues to pick up after themselves and to clean up messes to keep everyone safe.
“Safety rules are your best tools”
This one can be used regularly at the end of your toolbox talk or safety moment of the day, to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

How to create slogans for workplace safety

When creating a workplace slogan from scratch, you’ll want to keep these top tips in mind to make sure they hit the right notes with your staff.

Specific purpose

Does your slogan remind or warn about something in particular? Many of the slogans above outline the consequences of not following the safety rules. When you can, remind your staff of the basics of safety and the potential problems that can occur. 


As you can see above, the simplest phrases are often the most effective at getting your message across, while still being memorable. Keep it short! 

A safety slogan shouldn’t have to be a full-length sentence.

Some of the best slogans are only between four and six words long, but they still manage to demonstrate the message well. Keeping it short and simple also means you stick to common sense, instead of teaching someone something new.


Whether it’s about heights, tools, spills, or PPE, strive to keep your slogan specific to your workplace. This helps recall and makes it memorable. There’s no point pushing a slogan that relates to scaffolding if your staff works on heavy machinery and forklifts. Always keep it relatable. 

Play-on-words and puns

Often, slogans that play on words are very effective. “No safety, know pain” is a good example of this, where the “no” and “know” work together to get the message across succinctly, while reminding colleagues of the importance of following safety procedures. 


Funny or humorous slogans are usually ideal for improving recall. Come up with something that can make your team laugh and brighten up their day, and they’ll find themselves repeating your funny safety slogans in no time!

Putting these slogans into practice

So now you’ve got your slogans, how do you put them into practice day-to-day? Here are three simple ideas to get you started.

Toolbox talks

Toolbox talks and safety meetings are the ideal time to sign off with a slogan. You can use one every week — say half of it, and get your staff to say the other half back or repeat it at the end of every session. Your regular safety chats are a great moment to share your slogans, while you have the workers’ full attention.


For extra recall, safety posters work great as reminders. You can put your posters up in communal areas such as break rooms. Alternatively, you can put them in places where they’re most relevant. For example, you may decide to hang a slogan and a picture about PPE up in a dressing room, or a slogan about slips and trips in the cafeteria.

Graphics and stickers

Similar to posters, graphics and stickers work nicely to cement your ideas and improve employee recall. You can add stickers to folders, documents, bulletin boards, or even mirrors to keep your safety slogans at the forefront of workers’ minds.


Do safety slogans help reduce accidents?

Yes, they do! They remind your colleagues of the consequences of not adhering to safety measures. They also create short and snappy memorable quotes. And all this can reduce workplace accidents and keep everyone safe. 

Where should I use my slogan?

As mentioned above, you can use your slogan in a range of ways. From creating stickers and adding them to bathroom mirrors to mentioning them at the end of your toolbox talks, you can use your slogan as often as you’d like! To maximize recall, we’d recommend using it at least three or four times to make it memorable. 

How can I test safety slogans?

To test safety slogans out, start to bring them into your regular safety meetings with your team. Whether in one-on-one chats or group sessions, they’re worth trying. Especially if you’ve made them up. This allows you to gauge employee reactions and shows you if the slogans resonate or not.


We hope our list of safety slogans that rhyme will inspire you to bring some of these into your workplace. Whether through team talks, daily safety briefings, or simple day-to-day reminders, you can use some of these best safety slogans to keep your team safe, reduce accidents and keep everyone in good health in the workplace.

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